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How To Care Your Cat

Today cats are the most popular animals that you may have. It has several races, the most popular Persian and Siamese. Cats are domestic animals, their origin dating back some 8000 years and beyond. Like any other pet you may own, including cats, dogs cost money supply is sufficient.

When you make a cat, you should think about costs. Of course you will need food, and you need to plan well into the future vet costs. You must also take waste that can be expensive, as the years. Your cat has a litter box, food bowl and water bowl. They should also invest some toys and a scratching, cat toys, pet society, and a bed. You should also look for a collar and identification on your cat is never lost.

Feed your pet will depend largely on your age. The older cats are two small meals or a big meal of the day. Kittens on the other hand, require multiple meals a day until they reach the age of 12 weeks. Cats that are between three and Read the rest of this entry »


5 Tips In Hiring A Good & Skillful Pet Sitter

Majority of the pet owners have commonly experienced the need to leave their most treasured pets home alone. The reasons may include an out-of-town vacation or business travel. There will always be instances when you cannot take your lovable pets with you. As a result, it is significant for animal lovers to hire the right skillful pet sitter for their pets.

Certainly, it is vital that you feel very much comfortable and confident towards your pet sitter’s skills to take care of your pet. One of the ideal solutions is to ask your friends, neighbors or relatives to provide care for your pet at your absence. Then again, it may not always be feasible for your friend or a family relative to be available to take on the responsibility of taking care of your pet. At this point, you will have to already be open as a pet owner to hiring a dependable and professional pet sitter. This article will offer tips in finding and hiring the Read the rest of this entry »


Is Your Dog Getting the Right Amount of Vitamins and Minerals? Why it is Necessary

Providing your dog vitamin and mineral supplements is vital to its health. A dog that whose meals are filled with supplements will have a healthy life and your dog’s immunity will not be compromised in any way. This simply means that the dog’s immunity will be very strong.

As a dog owner, it is pertinent that you know that vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble vitamins and others are the water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins like cyanocobalamin, thiamine and pyridoxine and are important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. A lack of vitamin A can result in night blindness and lesions on the skin. A lack of vitamin D in dogs can lead to the softening and weakening of the bones.

Also ensure you do not give your dog too much vitamins as this can lead to vitamins intoxicity. A good source of dog vitamin A is cod liver oil and it is widely acknowledged as a quality feed for dogs.

Not all dogs need vitamin Read the rest of this entry »


The Top Three Kinds Of Cat Scratchers Hailed By Cat Owners All Over

Since cats truly need to sharpen their claws and exercise their paws, it is important to provide alternatives to your upholstery and rugs. Even domesticated cats have deep hunting and preying instincts that must be sharpened each and every day. If appropriate cat scratchers are offered to them, cats would be really content scratching on their cat play centre or scratcher tree! Here are the top three types of cat scratchers and why every cat owner should have one (or a number of them) in your house.

Due to the vertical appeal, cat scratching pole is considered the best and preferred type of scratchers. Almost all cats love to sratch thier nails while standing in a vertical position. A pole scratcher meets both needs admirably; an upright post with a covering of either sisal cord or carpeting, and a circular base suited to horizontal scratching exercises. Galore poles also screw whatsoever sort of a toy, pom-pom, or shot related Read the rest of this entry »


Stop Dog From Barking – No Need For You Or Your Neighbors to Freak Out!

Stop dog from barking! It is easily said, but difficult to accomplish. Dogs can bark for reasons that tell us what they need and what they want. However once they overuse this talent of communication it becomes manipulation. This is when you get dog barking problems. So as to stop dog from barking you wish to perceive what goes through their minds. There are a range of reasons for behavioral problems like excessive barking, but in this article we have a tendency to zoom into one area of specific cause; isolation, loneliness and boredom. Yes, dogs feel these too, and that they vocalize these feelings through barking. To stop dog from barking an excessive quantity you would like to address the encircling causes.

Dogs are social animals, they thrive when interacting with humans and alternative dogs, belonging to a cluster is extraordinarily necessary to them, and during this case that cluster is led by you, the owner. When putting your Read the rest of this entry »

Latest News
  • Professor Green not ready for kids

    Professor Green has said he and his wife Millie Mackintosh are not ready to have children yet because their two pet dogs take up so much of their time. The 30-year-old rapper – who is married to the former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star – has revealed they do not want to have a baby yet because their dogs are so demanding.

  • Protect animals with deeds, not just laws

    The passage of the Animal Welfare Bill for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should be welcomed. In spite of some criticism over the law’s lack of specific detail, its passage marks the success of the efforts of animal rights groups and people who have fought for more than 10 years to pass legislation against cruelty towards animals.

  • Taipei election hopefuls all out on ‘Super Saturday’

    The two major candidates in the Taipei mayoral poll drummed up support for their campaigns yesterday by arranging massive public events on the last Saturday in the lead-up to the Nov. 29 vote. Independent candidate Ko Wen-je walked about 7 kilometers along a riverside footpath together with about 30,000 supporters on the morning of the so-called Super Saturday.

  • Feline kidney transplants: extravagance or love?

    At 6:54 a.m., Brian Coffee, a vintage-car collector in Dayton, Ohio, e-mailed the transplant team at the University of Pennsylvania veterinary hospital. Princess, 8, whose coat is tortoiseshell, was in her cage “making muffins,” as cat people like to say.

  • Far Hills teen equestrian rider jumps at chance to help charity

    FAR-HILLS – Juliette Jacobson has led a privileged life, one that’s included private schools and equestrian competitions. She lives in a world that is foreign to many.

  • Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive

    Reno, NV- There’s no place like Home for the Holidays and the Nevada Humane Society is asking for your help in finding homes for dogs and cats during the Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive. The drive is November 22nd – January 4th.

  • Cuban couple keeps rodents called huitias as pets

    Some people keep guinea pigs or hamsters as pets. But in Cuba, where a larger, more exotic rodent runs wild, Ana Pedraza and her husband prefer the huitia.

  • Firefighters save two cats in Lealman house fire

    Lealman firefighters are being called heroes by one family for helping rescue some of their pets early Friday morning. The fire broke out around 4:20 a.m. at a home on the 3700 hundred block of 57th Avenue North.

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